35 souls max

A song/poem inspired by a lovely concert I saw in Brussels, in a tiny venue. The artist, David Sire, was simply brilliant. And brilliantly mad (see his official “Ça me gonfle” clip below).

A tiny tiny gem in Central Brussels
35 seats max
You'll need patience and luck to discover the place
But you will go back
Arthème welcomes you to his living room cafe
He shows you around the little cabaret
Take a seat, make yourself at home
Have a drink, the artist won't be long
Take a sip, make yourself at home
The show will soon be on
A random collection of human characters
35 souls max
hippies, teachers, artists, bankers, too sane or too crazy,
together they're sat
They've all come to listen to his wanderings
To his illusions, his questions, his ramblings
They've all sat down, ready to take off
to leave their serious little lives behind
For a moment, they'll stop thinking of
Everything that's wrong
A tiny tiny stage near Saint-Catherine place
35 minds max
A very small venue for a truly great artist
Who'll leave us all gobsmacked
As he comes on stage, his energy fills the room
He talks of his demons, his desires and his wounds
His fears, his enthusiasms,
his "bidules" and "boudoules"
His encounters, his dreams, his artefacts
Mystify the room
A tiny tiny gem in Central Brussels
35 seats max
It took me time and luck to discover the place
But I will go back
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