Day 78 of 80 — Warmth

Around London in 80 days

In these uncertain times, I need a lifeline and a horizon so I  have — somewhat arbitrarily I’ll admit — set a date. April 1st will be  my horizon ; my lifeline will be the 80 days separating me from it.
And as I cannot go around the world right now, I give you A Mad Belgian’s “Around London in 80 Days” : eighty impressions of London, eighty stories, places, thoughts from my experience of this wonderfully mad and maddening city.

Day 78: Warmth

London is often portrayed as a fairly cold city. Big and anonymous, full of socially awkward Brits who don’t talk to strangers for fear of being rude.

Sure, it is a tough place. One has to work hard to make a living & pay the rent. And as in any big city there are all sorts of people around, including some with less than charitable intentions: thieves and crooks and swindlers that lead Londoners to be constantly on their guard, to keep to themselves and not mingle with strangers.

My London, though, is quite different.

When times are easy, it’s full of parties, of random encounters with interesting strangers. It’s full of laughter and music and late nights.

And when times are hard, it’s full of solidarity, of friendship and support. It’s full of good will, dark humour and warmth.

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