The Independent Bee & other tales

Dear reader,

Let me start this piece of writing with an apology
Indeed, I must confess its title is faulty
Inasmuch as the other tales of this brilliant collection
Are at present still locked inside my imagination

Don’t worry though, I didn’t lie, I’m sure the future will
Bring more of these fables, on screen or on parchment and quill
But this intro is way too long, that’s enough about me
Let me now introduce the tale of the independent Bee:

The Independent Bee was a lonely little creature
She didn’t quite fit in the way she was meant to by nature
While her close friends nearly always moved in a tightly-knit group
Most of the time she found herself at odds with the troop

It wasn’t that swarming didn’t appeal to her
But one-to-one relationships seemed so much easier
More interesting they were too, in her own opinion
Not great at small talk, she loved intense conversation

She had an insatiable appetite for the world around her
And thus endlessly found new shores to discover
Naturally she kept going on trips all on her own
Too impatient to wait for someone else to set the tone

Most fellow Apians thought she was a little strange
She tried to fit in sometimes but couldn’t really change
Even when those scientists taught them to play football
She took three balls instead of one and learned to juggle

In the end she gave up trying to act “normally”
She learned immodesty and started talking loudly
About her ideas, her wanders, her dreams and her illusions

Much to her surprise some other bees enjoyed her collections

So she started her own show titled “A crazy Honeybee”
And thus ends the tale of the Independent Bee


  • Nice and if I may at the end the independent Bee became the Queen Bee and lead Swarm of Bees to build their colony.

    • PPF

      7th March 2017

      Thanks for the suggestion 🙂
      I’ll keep that in mind for a potential sequel…


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