Ode to a Gourde

My dearest companion, I didn’t realise
When I decided to bring you to that cursed Wednesday run
that it would be the last time that I set my eyes
on You, darling travel partner in old cloudy Britain
Oh the glorious trips, the thrilling lows and heights
The wonder inspired by the ever-changing horizon
The many encounters, the fascinating lives
The unforgettable memories we share are legion
This is all over now, to other shores you sail
An evil mind has stolen you, a malignant magpie
Cherished water bottle, it is true, I did fail
to protect you. Now you are gone and I am left to cry
But I shall not be stopped. I will follow new trails
To the sweet taste of adventure I shall not say goodbye
I’ll go around the world, and tell people the tales
Of all the escapades we had, you, my Brompton and I
You, my Brompton and I
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