A tacky take on tasty tomatoes

A little while ago a friend challenged me to write a Petrarchan sonnet dedicated to a tomato…with no adjectives.

I didn’t know what a Petrarchan sonnet was. But thanks to google, I soon learned it is “a sonnet form popularized by Petrarch, consisting of an octave with the rhyme scheme abbaabba and of a sestet with one of several rhyme schemes, as cdecde or cdcdcd”.

I quickly came up with this poem. However, it didn’t quite meet the challenge requirements as it included two adjectives…and was more about tomatoes than dedicated to a tomato. So I wrote another one. Then I wrote one in French (I’ll post those later on…if you behave 🙂

But for the moment, dear readers & fellow writers, I would like you to enjoy reading this one… and I challenge you to write one of your own, that I’ll happily share on this very blog!

Winter is coming and with it the dread
 Of that dilemma that haunts me yearly
 Cabbage everywhere, I feel it fiercely:
 The tastes and colours of summer are dead
Ethics are clearly defined in my head
I only cook food that grows locally
But one ingredient is necessary
Tomatoes I need to feel truly fed
For decades I have been struggling with this
Veggies raised ethically make me ill
I have tried alternatives but in vain
So this time I will give morals a miss
Cans I will avoid, and I swear I will
With tomatoes make pasta great again
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