An English trailer for “Sur les traces…”

An English version of our last show’s trailer: Sur les traces…, a musical show inspired by the real-life story of Ben & Adam, two Australian friends who discovered that they each had a great uncle who died in the Somme Valley during World War One… but on opposite sides.

A story of war and friendship, of loss and hopes, with beautiful music by Hadi El Gammal.

Naragonia, 10 years: the video!

About two years ago, I was lucky enough to replace Philippe Laloy on stage for Naragonia‘s 10th anniversary. A great concert with fantastic musicians such as Andy Cutting and Grégory Jolivet.

I just discovered that there was a video of this fantastic gig, so here it is:

Gig with Dyna B (2013)

Fun gig with Dyna B at L’Espace Delvaux a little while ago. Can’t quite see me? I’m the dark shape with the golden “clarinet”, to Dyna’s right.

By the way, do you know the difference between soul and jazz musicians? Soul musicians play three chords to a thousand people… and jazz musicians play a thousand chords to 3 people.