This week on A mad Belgian: a duo with my good friend, pianist Jeremy Frisch, who composed this lovely piece of music.

Teenage Dogs

This week on “A mad Belgian”: did you know that dogs went through a teenage crisis? Here’s a little song about it…


This week on A Mad Belgian: a song!

A mad Belgian 2 — Nature Boy & Ramesses II

A second episode of A mad Belgian, in which you’ll find a duo version of “Nature Boy” with double bass player Alessio Campanozzi, and some information about the colossal head of Ramesses II that stands in the British Museum. Enjoy!

Montreal-Montrésor : A transatlantic improvisation

Eight years ago, I was in Montreal and crossed paths with pianist David Ryshpan. We became friends and thanks to modern technology, managed to keep in touch despite not having seen each other since.

In this awkward time, as humans throughout the world are being told to stay at home and avoid unnecessary social contact, we decided not to wait anymore, and so here is our first improvisation together, recorded in our different parts of the world, before we can meet up and play live. Hope you enjoy it…

It features on my last edition of “A mad Belgian”, but for those of you who don’t have a particular interest in the Rosetta stone, here’s the standalone version.