A new trailer

A project we are very proud of, Memories of the Mayflower, was born in London on October 16 at St Mary’s church. A beautiful evening with a very warm socially distanced public. We are planning a tour for 2021 (any suggestion/help welcome!)… here is a little taster (full concert available on YouTube!)

Back together!

After three and a half months spent on either side of the Channel and quite a few online videos, here we are, finally back together. And to celebrate, we recorded (live!) one of our old classics: Dr Schmidtz and His Monster.

Some French!

This week, some French singing to cheer you up.

Outer Space

Ten weeks already! Well this week we thought we’d share with you a lovely song Rupert wrote a while ago, which seems particularly relevant these days…

A simple dance

A touch of sweetness in this increasingly sour world. Keep spreading the positive!


A new tune with One Voice, One Cello and A mad Belgian… Can you guess what it’s about?


This week on A Mad Belgian: a song!

Another Murder on Baker Street

Did you know that when the Sherlock Holmes books were first published, people thought Sherlock was a real person and many wrote to him to ask for his help?

So much so, in fact, that someone had to get hired by the post office just to deal with the mail that kept coming for 221B Baker Street (which wasn’t even a real address at the time)!

What am I getting at? Well this week’s quarantine song with One Voice, One Cello and A mad Belgian tells the story of Another murder on Baker Street. Enjoy!


Rupert is still stuck in London and I’m still stuck in France… HOWEVER… through the miracle of technology, we present the fourth video of the “Quarantine Sessions”: Montrésor, a tune composed in the beautiful Loire Valley, near Montrésor village.

Close Encounter of the Second Kind

How many of you know what “A close encounter of the second kind” is (apart from an awesome song by Rupert Gillett)?

The 11th person to pm me the right answer wins a CD! (No googling, we trust you…)

Across the channel…Don’t Look Now

First video of the Quarantine Sessions, a cross channel collaboration with One Voice, One Cello and A mad Belgian!

Tune in every Wednesday at 10am (11 on the continent) for more!

Naragonia, 10 years: the video!

About two years ago, I was lucky enough to replace Philippe Laloy on stage for Naragonia‘s 10th anniversary. A great concert with fantastic musicians such as Andy Cutting and Grégory Jolivet.

I just discovered that there was a video of this fantastic gig, so here it is: