London Magic Tour

A unique walking tour through London’s magical history with a magical guide — discover the magic side of London beyond Harry Potter!

An original walking tour with magic!

From medieval witches and alchemists to tales of great illusionists past and present, learn about the true history of MAGIC in London with a Blue Badge Tourist Guide… and magician!

Lost theatres and fascinating real-life magic tales make this tour a real treat. A relaxing and entertaining experience sprinkled with sparkly anecdotes, which will leave you happy and full of wonder.

I will tell you about the real Nicolas Flamel and his quest for alchemy and the subversive history of the Top Hat. I will talk you through the misadventures of the real-life witches who inspired the great William Shakespeare, and I will explain how professional eccentrics have defied superstition on the streets of St James’s for centuries. And I will tell you about the great illusionists who fought for fame and glory in grand West End theatres. We will learn how science and magic are often closely intertwined, discuss the secrets of real magic… and maybe even witness some!

Come and explore London like never before in this lively & entertaining walking tour. Whether you are a born-and-bred Londoner or a visitor to our beautiful city, you will LOVE it!

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