My own project. Uživati, a jazz/folk trio (soprano sax, piano, double bass). Chamber music for jazz lovers. Centred mainly around my own compositions, which we arrange collectively, it’s a mellifluous and surprising project.

Our style varies greatly from one tune to the next, yet the uniformity, the consistency is there, through our sound, through our energy, through our affinities.

And of course, as it is my project, it is the most likely to display “A mad Belgian” live. Indeed, I take great pleasure in talking to the audience between the tunes, in telling stories, in engaging with them.

More information (and audio extracts & videos) on our website www.uzivati.org

Jennifer El Gammal — saxophone soprano, accordéon diatonique, chant
Sébastien Willemyns — piano
Alessio Campanozzi —contrebasse

(and a big thanks to Pieter Fannes for the illustrations)

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