The surprising wonderfulness of that first Patreon patron

Today I got my first ever “Patron” on Patreon.

And I must say I didn’t expect this to have such a massive effect on me: as soon as I saw that someone had decided to support me and this blog & podcast project with a few bucks a month, I was elated. Because suddenly, it felt real. This is the first step to making my dream come true!

Another, what 300 or 400 like this and I can make my living out of it 🙂

Sure, it’s only a first step, and I’m very far from getting there still… But this first step had a symbolic value that overwhelmed me more than I can say, and I felt like sharing this wonderful feeling with you, dear readers.

(hoping I won’t write a depressed counterpart to this post in a few months if I don’t get any more subscribers)

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