The greatest “local” in the world

The scene is set in a tiny tiny bar
As soon as I walk in, I know with certainty
That this visit is but the first one of many
I found my new "Local", even if it's quite far
At first it seems normal, or even slightly trendy
But as I move closer, I see the regulars
The diverse crowd of women, fellows, lads and geezers
The Matriarch, the Loud, the Wise, the Shy and the Dandy
In a corner two rough looking lads play chess quietly
A businessman and a defeated musician make friends
Two dogs play with a beer cap then lose it and the game ends
A lonely man and a woman sit independently
They all know each other, they meet there everyday
At this pretty lovely impromptu neighbourhood social
I hope you feel the magic I have found in this "local"
For it is the Greatest one I found along my way

Prompt: The Greatest _______ in the World
Thanks to Franz Dostal for the beautiful painting

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