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Back together!

This week, “A mad Belgian” suggests you look at this video: finally in the same country!

A mad Belgian 8 — Teenage Dogs

This week on “A mad Belgian”: did you know that dogs went through a teenage crisis? Here’s a little song about it… Enjoying “A mad Belgian”? Support it on Patreon: www.patreon.com/amadbedbelgian. Even the smallest contribution makes a difference!! #amadbelgian #dogs #music

Quarantine session 7 — The Mathematician

Brand new song with “One Voice, One Cello and A mad Belgian”, dedicated to all geeky mathematicians in the world. #maths #tbbt #thebigbandtheory #onevoiceonecello #onevoiceonecelloandamadbelgian #amadbelgian


A mad Belgian 5! A song/une chanson ! Enjoying A mad Belgian? Tune in every Friday for more! Really enjoying it? Support it on Patreon! Every little helps. Vous aimez “A mad Belgian”? Revenez tous les vendredi pour de nouvelles élucubrations ! Vous aimez beaucoup “A…

Shiva & Close encounter

Today in “A mad Belgian”, learn a bit more about Shiva and discover a great song about aliens! Who could ask for anything more?

(Musical) notes from a while ago…

Years ago, I was living in Brussels with this Italian guy. He came with a lot of olive oil and many different kinds of pasta (true story). He could cook, he could sing… And mostly, he could play the double bass beautifully! Now we’re miles apart…

A mad Belgian 2 — Nature Boy & Ramesses II

A second episode of A mad Belgian, in which you’ll find a duo version of “Nature Boy” with double bass player Alessio Campanozzi, and some information about the colossal head of Ramesses II that stands in the British Museum. Enjoy!

Second video of the Quarantine Sessions

Second video of the Quarantine Sessions, a cross channel collaboration with One Voice, One Cello and A mad Belgian! Tune in every Wednesday at 10am (11 on the continent) for more!

Montreal-Montrésor : A transatlantic improvisation

Eight years ago, I was in Montreal and crossed paths with pianist David Ryshpan. We became friends and thanks to modern technology, managed to keep in touch despite not having seen each other since. In this awkward time, as humans throughout the world are being told…

A mad Belgian returns!

Finally, after nearly two years of silence, A mad Belgian is back! It only seems fitting to come back at this mad time in our lives. And as I’ve become a qualified Blue Badge Tourist Guide since we last saw each other, I’ve now incorporated some…

One voice, one cello & A mad Belgian

Great new project I’m working on in London, with the fantastic Rupert Gillett on cello (and more). Rupert Gillett is a cello player/singer/songwriter/improviser. He delves into jazz, rock, folk, pop and more on the cello, while at the same time singing songs about robots, space invaders,…