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Back together!

This week, “A mad Belgian” suggests you look at this video: finally in the same country!

Quarantine Session —Montrésor

Rupert is still stuck in London and I’m still stuck in France… HOWEVER… through the miracle of technology, we present the fourth video of the “Quarantine Sessions” More on: http://www.onevoiceonecelloandamadbelgiam.com #onevoiceonecello #amadbelgian

Shiva & Close encounter

Today in “A mad Belgian”, learn a bit more about Shiva and discover a great song about aliens! Who could ask for anything more?

A mad Belgian 2 — Nature Boy & Ramesses II

A second episode of A mad Belgian, in which you’ll find a duo version of “Nature Boy” with double bass player Alessio Campanozzi, and some information about the colossal head of Ramesses II that stands in the British Museum. Enjoy!

Second video of the Quarantine Sessions

Second video of the Quarantine Sessions, a cross channel collaboration with One Voice, One Cello and A mad Belgian! Tune in every Wednesday at 10am (11 on the continent) for more!

A mad Belgian returns!

Finally, after nearly two years of silence, A mad Belgian is back! It only seems fitting to come back at this mad time in our lives. And as I’ve become a qualified Blue Badge Tourist Guide since we last saw each other, I’ve now incorporated some…

Penny Farthing bike, I’ve fallen for you

Today was a very special day: not only was it a bright hot sunny day in London (I know! disappointingly untypical…but nice all the same), but I also got to try out something rather unusual, and indeed REALLY FUN: I learned to ride a Penny Farthing…