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A mad Belgian 8 — Teenage Dogs

This week on “A mad Belgian”: did you know that dogs went through a teenage crisis? Here’s a little song about it… Enjoying “A mad Belgian”? Support it on Patreon: www.patreon.com/amadbedbelgian. Even the smallest contribution makes a difference!! #amadbelgian #dogs #music

Happy New Year poem & A mad Belgian 17

A little poem to celebrate 2018: Ah, Twenty-Eighteen You’ll be alright, I daresay Starting early on a Monday You must be pretty keen A sunny start, and already I hear of plans to party This year I’m turning thirty You better be happy and funky! You’ll…

First ever episode of “A mad Belgian”

In this increasingly mad world, I find that we need, more than ever, to share ideas, opinions & stories, to discuss, and to tell the stories of these “little nothings” that make life worth living. Which is why I’ve recently taken up to publishing episodes of…