Penny Farthing bike, I’ve fallen for you

Today was a very special day: not only was it a bright hot sunny day in London (I know! disappointingly untypical…but nice all the same), but I also got to try out something rather unusual, and indeed REALLY FUN: I learned to ride a Penny Farthing bike!

Well, I learned how to get on and off it relatively safely, rather —riding it is actually pretty similar to riding a bike, I must say. The only differences being that it is a fixed wheel (just a bit unsettling), and that you get a slight sense of superiority as you find yourself happily gliding a few feet above everyone’s head!

Great fun though, and I certainly am looking forward to my next ride!

Coming soon as a Tally Ho! experience which I thoroughly recommend. But in the meantime, here’s the little poem it inspired me (YES! I’m BACK! With my quirky poetry and the rest of it!)

Oh my! You are so tall
I’m so scared I will fall
But life is just not fun I guess
If you’re not up for challenges

So here I am, trying my best
No to ridicule myself
But with a little bit of help
Danger is gone and I’m possessed

Next time I will try it at night
When there are fewer passers-by
And I’ll have even more fun
Riding super fast, like a hun


  • Olivier Goris

    22nd June 2018

    génial ! A quand une journée de 30km avec 10 vélos pareils ?

    • A mad Belgian

      22nd June 2018

      Haha! Bientôt on en aura 8… Je proposerai la randonnée de 30km juste après 🙃

  • Béatrice Haché

    24th June 2018

    cela a l’air si facile….quand c’est toi sur le vélo!
    Bisou tout doux!



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